Our Story

Our journey began over 20 years ago.

It started with two dreams, two stories, two fathers who decided to lay down their lives and build churches that would impact the community. 

In 1997, New Life International Fellowship was planted by Pastor Stephen’s father, Pastor Ron Chandler. On the other side of town, Living Waters Worship Center was planted by Bishop Rollins, Pastor Jimmy’s father in 1994. Individually they built thriving churches and passed the baton to their sons, Pastor Stephen Chandler and Pastor Jimmy Rollins, in 2011 and 2012, respectively. That led to the birth of Destiny Church and i5 City Church. Both churches grew into a community of thousands of people and were known for their exciting culture and focus on leading entire families to a passionate relationship with God.

In 2020, after months of prayer and guidance from overseers and elders, Pastor Stephen and Pastor Jimmy started on a new journey, one that would lead two dynamic churches to intersect paths. On April 4th, 2021, Destiny Church and i5 City Church merged to become Union Church. Psalms 133:1 says, God commands a blessing where there is unity.  Union Church was founded on this verse. We believe that two are stronger than one and that unity will transform our nation.

At Union Church, we believe in doing everything possible to connect people to Christ and unite them to their purpose.

We are Union