Church is boring.

We’re pretty sure you’re not allowed to say that. But you’ve probably thought that at some point. Church can be boring if we only go (or log on) to check a religious box. But Church was never intended to be a box to check. Instead, Church should be a place where:

Your marriage can grow.

You get the courage to advance in your career.

You find peace to face life’s challenges.

You build a community that will love and support you.

Union Church strives to be that place.

Find What You Need At Union Church!

At Union Church, we’ve created an environment where you can build meaningful relationships and find fulfillment by growing your faith. You’ll connect with people and discover that you are welcome no matter your background or story. 

This Sunday, we invite you to experience Union Church for yourself. 

You’ll hear great music and a relevant message that’s enjoyable, engaging, and leaves you feeling inspired and empowered—and we guarantee that your kids will love it! Plus, no “church clothes” are required. Come as you are!

Plan Your Visit

We want to make your time with us the best experience possible. For that we reason, we ask that you let us know that you are coming by clicking on the service times that you wish to attend.

What to Expect

Every weekend, at each of our locations, you’ll have a great experience filled with:
An engaging service that lasts about 75 minutes 
An inspiring and relevant message 
Amazing live worship music 
A welcoming and friendly atmosphere 
A special Union Kids experience that your children will love.

They may enjoy their experience more than you do! Union Kids has become a fan favorite. Kids 6 weeks to 11 years old have fun while learning about Jesus. Every service experience is tailor-made to reach your child at their level.  

Upon arrival at all of our locations, you will be able to check in your child at the Union Kids station. Your child will be led to their classroom and cared for by background-checked volunteers. 

There are many ways to get involved. You can begin by attending our Growth Track at the end of any service. Growth Track will help you get a better understanding of the church and will also help you understand how you can use your gifts to make a difference. In addition, our Groups are a great way to meet new people and find your faith. Groups happen throughout the week in various places around the DMV and virtually.