Building the next generation

We think church should be fun at any age, so each and every Sunday, we craft meaningful, fun lessons that teach the Bible in a way that your child can understand and retain!

Build your faith

We are passionate about providing your kids with a safe, nurturing, and age-appropriate learning environment where they can have fun and build their faith.

When you arrive, we’ll help check your kids into their environment and provide a pick-up tag. Make sure to save the tag — our team will ask for it during pick-up.

This Week’s Lessons

Week Two Lesson: June 16, 2024

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Week Two Lesson: June 16,2024

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Verse of the Month


Verse of the Month

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Sunday, April 21

Age Groups

Babies are welcomed into a calm, inviting atmosphere. Our team prays over your children, all the while ensuring that they are comfortable allowing you the security in knowing that your child is safe while you worship!

Children will form friendships and experience God in a fun, loving, and safe environment. They will experience God through worship songs and attention-grabbing Bible stories.

Our team will assist children in growing comfortable in the presence of God through teachings and group activities. Each service is packed with snacks, a Bible story, and worship songs.

Children will be exposed to the Word of God and taught what it means to give your life to Christ. They are challenged to grow in their relationship with God through a detailed learning curriculum, energized worship, and significant small group discussions.